After completing illustrations for Climate First: Replacing Oil & Gas, an essential committee was formed called Ventura County Save Agriculture and Fresh Water For Everybody, abbreviated VC-SAFE for short.

I've been a key member of VC-SAFE by working as their Designer, constructing a strong visual presence and campaign in order to amplify Ventura California's crucial June 2022 vote for YES on Measures A&B. This process has included composing a comprehensive logo design and brief style guide, digital graphics for website and social media, as well as informational print work.  


Exploration Process

My first task for this campaign was to create logos and branding! Committee members from VC-SAFE provided me with initial ideas to experiment with, asking me to consider the Save Open Space & Agriculture Resources logo as a starting-point and inspiration, as well as sketching an initial concept themselves.

One unique feature about Ventura County is that agriculture is very close to the ocean, so the idea of adopting water and strawberries was initialized. I also explored the idea of simplifying aquifer layers and combining both water and earth layers into one.


After consulting with the VC-SAFE committee about our first round of designs, I introduced Color and Black/White logo versions of each iteration I proposed and explored the idea of including imagery of water pouring out of or into glasses. Drinking water is a top priority and primary focus of our campaign because everyone needs drinking water to survive and if oil companies aren't given legal limitations quality of drinking water will suffer long term. General feedback from my team was to simplify and push designs even further.


My strategy for round three was to work as quickly as possible, exploring different lockups and discovering how much variety I could create between options when producing a high volume of iterations in-succession.


Final Logos with Colors/Fonts

Above displays VC-SAFE's committee-facing logo, which represents the group which was formed to advocate for safe drinking water and oil well drilling practices in Ventura, Califorina. When VC-SAFE discovered Measure letters would be A&B for this vote, our team quickly realized that we must have a voter-facing version of our logo with "YES on A&B" being the most prominent feature.


Using Format